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PUCHEN ,Innovation for A/C Compressor Control Valves
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  • PC009-3
    PC009-3 Description:PC009-3 is used for SANDEN SD7V16,SD7V12,SD6V12 compressors,applied to FORD,PEUGEOT,RENAULT,VOLKSWAGEN,CITROEN and FIAT!
  • PC008-6
    PC008-6 Description:sanden compressor control valve -variable displacement compressor control valve PC008-6 is used for SANDEN PXE16 compressors and used for AUDI A3, SEAT, and Volkswagen series. It can be used to regulate compressor's displacement according to air condition's requirements to refrigeration agent so as to achieve the auto control of air-condition's temperature.
  • PC015-1
    PC015-1 Description:PC015-1 is used for DENSO 10S17C Series of compressors and applies to TOYOTA, HONDA series cars.
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About The Company

Jintan Puchen Electronic Co.,ltd is a worldwide leading manufacturer of automotive A/C compressor control valve in China. We supply over 10 million innovative and quality tested A/C parts to OEM's, Compressor Manufacturers and aftermarkets every year.

All the A/C parts are made by completely new material .Entirely new and premium quality compressor control valve ,high pressure relief valve,speed sensor ,thermal protectors and connectors suits both domestic and foreign A/C compressors .

PUCHEN has earned a reputation for OE quality and high customer satisfaction in A/C industry since 2004 .Many advanced production and testin……

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